How to Use the eCourse

Welcome to the Holy Spirit 101 eCourse!

Thank you for your interest in sharing the teachings of Holy Spirit 101 with your community! The following guide was created as an aid for leaders to put together lesson plans, answer common questions and provide a resource that you can refer to during your planning. Inside this guide you’ll find dynamic video presentations, practicums, Q&A and more!

How This Course Works

This eCourse is intended to be self-led. The course is divided into 7 parts and covers the entire Holy Spirit 101 text. Begin each session by reviewing the syllabus for that part. The syllabus will have instructions for how to approach each section. Most sections will begin with a pre-lesson activity followed by viewing the session's video content. Following the video, the student should consider completing the practicum designated to that section. These practicums are best done in a group setting, although can be completed individually.

If gathering a group of students to complete this course, consider offering it over 7 weeks. Each week, plan to gather for about 2 hours to complete all of the content with the section. Videos can be cast to larger screens. If you would like access to a private, high-definition YouTube link for watching the videos in a group setting, please email [email protected].

Other Things You May Need

Everything you need to take the course is included in your online account. As a supplement to the class, you may want to consider the following items:

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